Company Certificates and Objectives

Since 2012, INTERKOV STEEL s.r.o., has held quality management and production management certificates issued by I.T.I.-Integrovaná technická inspekce spol. s r.o., an independent accredited inspection and certification body (notified body No. 259 and notified body No. 1735) headquartered in Prague. I.T.I.-Integrovaná technická inspekce spol. s r.o. is a member of the TÜV Austria Group. The TÜV Austria Group is a renowned independent institute present all over the world.

Subject to certification:

  • Production of steel structures
  • Production of technological equipment

In order to follow the quality strategy and satisfy its customers' requirements related to quality management, INTERKOV STEEL s.r.o., introduces, applies and improves its quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard, in connection with which the following principles are applied:


The processes are managed and quality management principles are applied thanks to the abilities of all of our employees. The company creates the environment, in which one can be creative, demands are placed on the production and people trust each other. The company motivates its employees by giving them an opportunity to build their career and find their professional path.


The activities of INTERKOV cover related processes, which are managed based on the achieved standards. Their progress is monitored, evaluated and, as a result, measures for continuous improvement are adopted. The company arranges the structure and sources necessary for the development and improvement of its systems and processes.


One of its strategic goals is continuous customer relationship management - satisfying customers' needs and expectations while meeting applicable regulations related to occupational safety and environmental protection. This principle is then fed through into all of the organisation processes.


In order to support company quality policy, it is necessary to continuously fulfil the quality objectives introduced by the company management so as to satisfy all of customers' needs.

  1. Providing customer with quality services, which are in accordance with the requirements and legal regulations applicable in the Slovak Republic and the standards introduced by the European Union
  2. Taking steps to influence production quality and ensuring that assembly activities correspond with customers' requirements
  3. Supporting development, motivation and stability of company employees
  4. Continuously improving the quality management system in compliance with the requirements arising from applicable standards


As regards its welding processes, INTERKOV STEEL s.r.o. has its welding system certified by Český svářečský ústav s.r.o. Ostrava. Certification as per ČSN EN ISO 15614-1

Welding methods:
111 - Manual Metal Arc Welding
114 – Flux-Cored wire metal Arc Welding
12 – Submerged Arc Welding
131 – Metal-arc Inert Gas Welding – MIG
135 – Metal-arc Active Gas Welding – MAG
141 – Tungsten Inert Gas Welding – TIG


One of our fundamental goals to be reached in the field of OHS is to increase and continuously improve the levels of OHS system management so as to reduce potential health threats related to technological processes, technical equipment, human activities and working environment.

Organising regular training of employees concerning OHS principles in order to achieve occupational safety and health protection. Training people on the application of correct and safe work procedures.