Company profile

The family company INTERKOV operates in the market of mechanical engineering. It deals with the production and assembly of heavy-weight and light-weight steel structures. Main lines of the company's business:

  • Steel structures for building complexes
  • Technological equipment for the building industry
  • Steel halls, buildings, load-bearing structures
  • Stacker cranes for pallets used in the automotive or other industries
  • Pressurised vessels

The company was established in 1999 and it has been headquartered in Lipany, Sabinov District since its establishment. The beginnings of our activities were connected with the production of steel containers. In 2003, we started the batch production of boiler drums and relevant biomass-processing components. The company started to gradually focus on the production of light-weight and heavy-weight steel structures for the construction industry.
Another of the company's milestones was the production of technological equipment for the construction industry, i. e. the production of washing systems for trucks and utility vehicles produced by FRUTIGER, Switzerland. HESS Stahlbau & Montage became another of our key customers, who we started to supply with steel structures for extensive building complexes. Almost 90% of our production is represented by orders from the countries such as Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic etc. Currently, our company employees about 60 specialists.

The main objective of our family business is our continuous improvement that is based on customers' requirements. Our team approaches each of the projects in a reliable, responsible and, most importantly, professional manner.